Ep. 70 - Personal Evangelism

Do you share the Gospel with those around you? Why or why not? In this episode, Scotty and Andrew discuss personal evangelism–what it looks like, what keeps people from doing it, and how to overcome those obstacles.

Ep. 69 - Faith in Wartime: An Israeli Christian in Her Own Words

Jen Grigorean is an American-Israeli Christian living in Israel with her husband and two kids. She joins The Innerfire Podcast to discuss her perspective of the current war with Hamas, her church community's response, and what faith in wartime looks like.

Ep. 68 - Showing Christ's Love to the Homeless feat. Glenn Cranfield

Glenn Cranfield is the president and CEO of Nashville Rescue Mission, a Christ-centered community committed to helping those who are hungry, hurting, and experiencing homelessness. Glenn joins The Innerfire Podcast to discuss sharing the love and truth of Jesus with the poor and destitute in our local communities.

Ep. 67 - Humanitarianism and Overseas Missions

What is the biblical basis for humanitarianism and taking the Gospel overseas? And what does it mean for us? Scotty and Andrew dive into these topics and more in part two of our series on missions.

Ep. 66 - Eternity and The Great Commission

This may be the most important series we've ever made. In this episode, Scotty and Andrew discuss heaven, hell, and the blood that will be on our hands if we deny the Great Commission.

Ep. 65 - Christian Sportsmanship

Sports are an enjoyable and healthy form of leisure. But when removed from its proper place, it becomes something truly ugly. In this episode, Scotty and Andrew discuss Christian sportsmanship, as well as books and hobbies.