Ep. 13 - Joy Williams

Joy Williams serves as president of her local school board. She talked about integrating her faith into a secular environment, having a positive impact on the community, and navigating tragedy and grief.

Ep. 12 - Richard Williams

Richard Williams worked his way up from janitor to CEO of a thriving business. We talked with him about how he strives to integrate his faith into every aspect of his life.

Ep. 11 - Heather Sorenson

Heather is one of the most sought-after Christian composers today. We talked with her about her journey from legalism to grace, her writing process, and living the single life.

Ep. 10 - Sam Thevanayagam

Sam is a businessman and CEO who immigrated from Sri Lanka as a young adult. We talked with him about how he shares his faith through his business.

Ep. 9 - Andrew Carroll

Andrew is a college student and member of the a cappella group, Voices of Lee. He talked with us about the struggles Christian students face, including pornography and substance abuse.

Ep. 8 - Dennis Parker

Dennis is a musician who plays guitar for Ricky Skaggs. He told us his remarkable testimony of moving from a life of homelessness and alcoholism to a life sold out for Christ.