Ep. 42 - Why and How to Read the Bible

The Bible is the foundation upon which the Christian faith rests. And yet, many Christians do not regularly read it themselves. In this episode, Scotty and Andrew discuss the spiritual discipline of Bible reading– why you should do it, the different approaches, and practical tips.

Ep. 41 - Living Out the Word at Christmas and New Year's

How do we celebrate Christmas and New Year's in a way that pleases God? In our season two finale, Scotty and Andrew discuss the Biblical truths that guide our actions this holiday season. Watch to the end to hear about big things coming for Innerfire in 2023!

Ep. 40 - A Converted Jew on Jesus, Family, and the Pro-Life Cause

Art Pinzur is a pillar in the local church, homeschool community, and pregnancy resource center. He joins The Innerfire Podcast to discuss his conversion from Judaism to Christianity, the joys and challenges of raising 10 kids, and his passion and work for the pro-life movement.

Ep. 39 - On Biblical fatherhood

Andrew is becoming a father! In this episode, he sits down with his own father, Scotty, to discuss why we need fathers, what the Bible says about fathers, corporal punishment, and practical parenting advice from dad to son.

Ep. 38 - Top 17 Stories So Far

Since this podcast started in January of '21, we have heard so many amazing stories. In this compilation podcast, the best, most touching, and most inspiring stories combine to resound a single message: the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Ep. 37 - From the American Dream to the European Mission Field

Nathan Mell is a Regional Mobilizer for Greater Europe Mission, an organization that spreads the Gospel throughout Europe. Nathan joins us to discuss how he found Christ after a lifetime of church attendance, how he was led into missions, and why Europe is an important mission field.