Ep. 50 - Work with Eternal Purpose

Why do you work? And why do you work the way that you work? Is it to get more money, to please your superiors, or just to get by? Or it is to lay up treasures in Heaven? In this episode, Scotty and Andrew ask some fundamental questions about work and provide answers from Scripture.

Ep. 49 - The Challenges of Raising Godly Children feat. David Thomas

We all want to see our kids grow into godly men and women, but it seems we are faced with obstacles every step of the way. In this episode, we bring on counselor, author, and speaker David Thomas to share his expertise on overcoming the challenges of raising godly children.

Ep. 48 - What the Bible Says about Family

As our culture continues to turn away from God, the family continues to collapse. How can we save our families, and by extension, our society, from these destructive trends? In this episode, Scotty and Andrew go through the Scriptures on family, revealing a philosophy that is not only true, but deeply countercultural.

Ep. 47 - Dealing with the Problems of Marriage

Let's get real: Marriage is hard, and we all have problems. In this episode, Scotty and Andrew present faith-based solutions to the most common marital issues, including financial disputes, infidelity, in-laws, and more.

Ep. 46 - Rediscovering God's Design for Marriage

The only way our culture's broken ideas of gender, sexuality, and marriage can be mended is through a return to God's original design. In this episode, Scotty and Andrew go back to the basics of biblical marriage, articulating what it is and what it is not.

Ep. 45 - Taking Your Church Life from Dull to Dynamic

Do you look forward to church or dread it? Do you rely on the support of your church family, or let them in as little as possible? In this episode, Scotty and Andrew discuss what can make your church life powerful and transformative, the way God meant it to be.