Ep. 16 - "Christians Engaging with Culture" with Scotty Carroll

In this episode, Scotty and Hannah discuss a variety of issues challenging Christians today - the social justice gospel, boycotts, what kind of content Christians should consume, etc.

Ep. 15 - Jonathan & Emily Martin

Jonathan and Emily are a husband-and-wife duo who serve as worship leaders, songwriters, and teachers. They have a passion for family worship, which we discussed with them extensively in this episode.

Ep. 14 - "Becoming a Mother" with Johnna Carroll

In this special-edition episode, Hannah, an expecting mother, interviews Johnna about the joys and challenges of motherhood from a spiritual perspective.

Ep. 13 - Joy Williams

Joy Williams serves as president of her local school board. She talked about integrating her faith into a secular environment, having a positive impact on the community, and navigating tragedy and grief.

Ep. 12 - Richard Williams

Richard Williams worked his way up from janitor to CEO of a thriving business. We talked with him about how he strives to integrate his faith into every aspect of his life.

Ep. 11 - Heather Sorenson

Heather is one of the most sought-after Christian composers today. We talked with her about her journey from legalism to grace, her writing process, and living the single life.