Ep. 26 - Doing Ministry Outside of the Box

Joel Rogers is the director of youth services for the Salvation Army in Cleveland, Tennessee as well as the founder of Inman Coffee House. Today, we are on location at Inman Coffee to talk about taking your faith journey one step at a time, trusting God when it doesn’t seem to make sense, and doing ministry outside of the box.

Ep. 27 - A Life of Passion and Compassion

Daryl Mackin is the founder and executive director of A Solider's Child Foundation, an organization that serves the children of fallen military personnel. Daryl talks about how God rescued him, gave him a vision, and filled him with a passion for those left behind.

Ep. 25 -Easter Special! Have You Been Resurrected?

Happy Easter to all of you! Praise the Lord, for Christ has been resurrected! The question we want to ask you is, have you been resurrected? Hear Scotty unpack Romans 6, explaining why the Christian life is a resurrected life.

Ep. 24 - Lessons and Stories from a Life in Missions

Larry Warren is the founder of Leadership International, an organization that trains church leaders all around the world who do not have access to formal education. In this episode, Larry brings us lessons and stories from a lifetime of experience on mission for God.

Ep. 23 - Championing Diversity Through Camp Ministry

Tommy Rhodes is founder and executive director of Barefoot Republic, a camp ministry which facilitates Christ-centered relationships among intentionally diverse groups of individuals. Scotty and Tommy discuss Tommy's upbringing, his calling, and God's faithfulness in bringing that calling to fruition.

Ep. 22 - From Drugs, Crime, and Chaos to a Life of Hope in Jesus Christ

Odell Summer is a former missionary to Thailand and longtime friend of the Carroll family. His life was radically transformed by his relationship with Jesus Christ. Scotty and Odell discuss this miraculous story and what it truly means to be follower of Christ.