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Rediscovering God's Design for Marriage | Marriage, Part 1

The only way our culture's broken ideas of gender, sexuality, and marriage can be mended is through a return to God's original design. In this episode, Scotty and Andrew go back to the basics of biblical marriage, articulating what it is and what it is not.

Taking Your Church Life from Dull to Dynamic | Church, Part 2

Do you look forward to church or dread it? Do you rely on the support of your church family, or let them in as little as possible? In this episode, Scotty and Andrew discuss what can make your church life powerful and transformative, the way God meant it to be.

The Case for Church Attendance by Andrew Carroll

With church attendance dropping lower and lower, it's time to revisit a fundamental question: Why do we go to church? In this article, Andrew makes the case for church attendance, answering the most common objections along the way.

Why You Should Go to Church | Church, Part 1

Church attendance in the U.S. has been declining for decades. Scotty and Andrew unpack this problem, addressing what has gone wrong in the church and why you should attend in spite of those things.

Too Close for Comfort: Prayer and Fasting | Spiritual Disciplines Part 2

Getting close to God means getting out of your comfort zone, and prayer and fasting are no exception. These fundamental practices are so simple a child could do them, yet so difficult they confound the aged. Scotty and Andrew discuss both, dealing with sticky issues along the way.

Why Fasting Is Worth the Hunger Pangs by Hannah Mathis

Fasting is difficult, unpleasant, and inconvenient. So, is it worth it? In this article, Hannah describes her own experience with fasting and explains why fasting is so valuable for Christians.