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How to Be a Good Friend | Friendship, Part 2

What does it mean to be a good friend? Should we be friends with unbelievers? Is God our friend? In this episode, Scotty and Andrew search the Scriptures for answers to these questions.

Honey: A Theology of Food in One Word by Andrew Carroll

Honey is much more than a sweet, luxurious treat. In the Bible, it is a vehicle for deep theological truths. In this article, Andrew dives into those truths, discussing gluttony, asceticism, and the ultimate solution to sins of consumption.

Why We Need Friends | Friendship, Part 1

What is a true friend and why do we need them? In part one of this series on friendship, Scotty and Andrew lay a foundation for the conversation about how to live out the Word in our friendships.

Technology and Faith: A Few Questions Worth Asking Yourself by Johnna Carroll

Is technology helping or hurting you live out your faith? In this article, Johnna poses this and other questions that we should all ask ourselves concerning our use of technology.

Social Media and Pornography | Technology, Part 2

Social media: we can't live without it. Or can we? In this episode, Scotty and Andrew take a hard look at the temptations posed by social media and how to address them, as well as the issue of rampant internet pornography.

Should We Give to All Beggars? by Andrew Carroll

We all pass beggars on the side of the road from time to time. But do we give to them? Should we? In this article, Andrew provides an answer, addressing commonly raised issues along the way.